Why Drought Friendly Landscaping Design in Santa Barbara is Important.

Droughts are not a pleasant thing, significantly when growing plants or flowers in your yard. Unfortunately, if you reside in Santa Barbara, you’re familiar with droughts far too well. As a result, you may need to put in extra effort to choose the right plants and design of your landscape. However, we don’t think the drought should stop you from achieving the yard you always wanted.

While you may need to sacrifice some things, having a nice-looking yard in a drought area is possible if you use a drought-friendly landscaping design in Santa Barbara.

What’s Drought Friendly Landscaping

A drought-friendly landscaping design is essential when you incorporate growing certain plants and flowers that don’t require much water.

It’s imperative to use these types of plants and flowers because if you use ordinary flowers, you will need to water them constantly, or they will die out or wither.

So, what are these types of flowers and plants are good options?

They are plants and flowers such as succulents, agaves, aloe, palms, rock rose, watsonias, sea holly, mediterranean spurge, wandering jew, and much more. With these plants, you won’t have to worry about them withering because they don’t require as much water.

Upgrade Your Plant Collection

While you may not be able to grow your favorite type of roses, you do have the option to incorporate some native plants, cactuses, and succulents into the landscaping design.

If you’re wondering what native plants are, they are the most drought-tolerant plants; they mainly consist of plants, shrubs, and trees that were a part of the landscape long before anyone tried to settle.

Other things that you can grow in a drought area include:

Zoysia grass
Woolly yarrow
Lamb’s Ear

Difference Between Drought Friendly and Drought Resistance

While drought-friendly or tolerant and drought resistant are often used interchangeably, it’s wrong.

When we’re talking about drought-tolerant landscaping in Santa Barbara, we are talking about plants and flowers that can grow with very minimal water or rainfall. In contrast, drought-resistant plants can service for a long time without any water.

It’s essential to know the difference between the two if you’re thinking about adding some life and color to your yard. You don’t want to buy a drought-tolerant plant thinking that you don’t have to water it.

Should I Have A Drought Friendly Yard?

As mentioned, these water features can be customized to your specifications, which will make them unique. For example, you can have a water feature that resembles a waterfall or a fountain; there are plenty of options we can recommend to fit your space.

Living near water is proven to reduce stress. It’s a scientific fact that water has a tendency to make humans more calm and creative. The way that water and sound interact appears to lead to a sense of mental tranquility.

Should I Have A Drought Friendly Yard?

Since Santa Barbara has been in a drought or close to a drought for many years, you should consider a waterless garden.

Since we have needed to ration water we’re incentivized to use waterless or water-wise landscaping that requires very little irrigation. This type of landscaping would require introducing drought-tolerant plants to your yard and maybe even turf grass.

Getting The Best Plants For Your Yard

Getting started on your journey to revamp your yard is exciting, because you don’t need to sacrifice beauty for your perfect Santa Barbara landscape. There are many options to choose from and finding the perfect options to fit your home is easier than you think. The professionals at Sierra Landscape Designs can help walk you through the process.

To begin this process, you will need to start prepping your space and yard to be functional and keep your water loss as minimal as possible. The beauty of these plants is that they serve as dual-purpose plants.

When these plants are on the ground, the first purpose is their aesthetics, and the other will be keeping water evaporation to a minimum. They do this by covering the soil enough so that water doesn’t evaporate from the ground.

Adding A Water Feature

Another simple trick to making your yard drought-friendly is to add a water feature. While this may seem counter-intuitive, a water feature can actually cut down on the need to water your plants regularly.

Having a water feature and a drought-friendly yard is a good combination and will cut down on the need to water your plants or flowers.

A water feature is essentially a structure that contains water and is used for aesthetic purposes of irrigation purposes.

Some of these features can include a waterfall feature where it will resemble a waterfall in your yard. There are also other features that you can choose from that resemble a fountain.

If you choose to invest in a water feature to help your drought-friendly plants, you can feed the design into a pool where these plants would grow. Here you don’t need to constantly water these plants and do something else like relaxing in front of your new feature and let the feature take care of all the hard work. Are Water Features Right for Your Santa Barbara Landscape?

Whether you’re someone who loves to garden but because of where you live, it’s hard to keep your flowers alive, or you’re looking to put something in your yard so it won’t look empty. Then a drought-friendly landscaping design in your yard if you live in Santa Barbara is a brilliant idea. You will not only save on water, but your home and yard will look amazing.

As professional landscape designers, we’re well-equipped to make your backyard an outdoor oasis. You deserve to have the yard of your dreams, and we can work together to make it happen! No matter the size of your yard or budget, we have creative solutions. If you live in the Santa Barbara area, reach out today!


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